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Tips For Presenting Decks Over Video Conferencing

Making an effective presentation deck is already challenging. Add in having to present the deck over video conferencing adds an even more complex challenge. The number one guideline is:


Whenever possible, show the viewer what you are discussing instead of using words to “tell” them. What this means is using graphics and visuals more than you use words. This guideline is applicable for in-person and online presentations.

Here are other tips to keep in mind when creating your deck for an online presentation:

1. Keep text minimal

It’s challenging to read a written slide like a novel in person and even more complex over video conference. Keep text to short bullet points or a 1-2 sentence paragraph. The purpose is not to read from the slide but to use it to reinforce the key issues.

2. Keep text large

The presentation environment is a screen or monitor, and small text makes the viewer strain and wears them out quicker. One good rule of thumb is to sit back in your chair (approx. two feet) and see if you can read the slide without too much work.

3. Great design does matter

Because video conferencing is a visual medium, great design will do wonders in keeping your audience’s attention and improve their experience. The design should reflect the subject matter while maintaining some form of consistency. Too much variation will look like you took slides from 10 different presentations and mashed them together.

For more tips and design examples to make your presentation decks effective over video conferencing, go to our home page, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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