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The meaning of Yellow HatCreativity, positivity, and energy are qualities of yellow. Yellow stimulates the brain’s left side, thus helping us think logically, but the color also inspires and drives imagination. Clarity, intellect, and confidence are also hallmarks of yellow. The hat is symbolic of the phrase, “put on your thinking cap.” This concept is what we challenge ourselves and our clients to do each day.

Yellow Hat Consulting helps educators, businesses, and consultants meet today's needs and be future-prepared.

What is “future-prepared”? The world is changing at a more rapid pace. Technology has become the great equalizer allowing people and organizations to do more.


New methodologies and different ways of thinking are employed to stay ahead of the curve so organizations can adapt and meet the needs of what’s to come. This is future-prepared.


Kimberly Ransom is an education consultant with over 20 years of education experience and has been training adult learners for over a decade.


She has created several learning resources, professional learning solutions, and e-learning courses. She is an experienced virtual trainer and has delivered professional learning to hundreds of adults here in the U.S., Milan, and Quebec.


Kimberly leads a group of subject-matter experts who are knowledgeable in training techniques and best practices that span across various education levels, industries, technology, and human performance. 


Our mission is to be strategic and intentional in cultivating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our practices. We are committed to helping organizations succeed by providing practical and sustainable services.

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