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Professional training and education are imperative. Technology has changed the way education is taught and learned. Because students are more tech-savvy than many educators – teachers and staff need to catch up and be more relevant to the new educational environment.


We are here to help change this reality and support schools and educators in becoming future-prepared leaders so they can better engage with their students in the classroom and on screen.


By preparing your educators for the future, your school is prepared.

We provide professional learning, coaching, and new ways of thinking, giving your staff and school the confidence to view what lies ahead as an opportunity.

Every educator and every school are unique. So are our solutions.

We provide professional learning services that help your team strategically address unfinished instruction and future learning. You get tailored programs and training based on your staff’s needs and the school’s objectives.


We offer a range of services to help meet your needs now and be prepared for the future. Our professional learning services are practical and actionable and can be delivered remotely or in-person.

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Digital transformation is a must for today and tomorrow.We help train and educate on technology tools and platforms and how to best leverage them specific to your school’s needs.


Data-Driven Culture and Training

We take the guesswork out of data analysis and provide step-by-step training on how to collect, analyze, and use data to make better-informed decisions for student achievement:

  • Collecting the right data to meet the right goals

  • How to interpret data that creates practical, actionable steps

  • Using data to track progress, see what’s working and fix what’s not working


On-Demand Training Modules

Based on your needs, we’ll create on-demand modules and courses for educators to access for independent learning on their schedule.


Virtual Coaching and Training

Sometimes, people need individual help in specific areas, so we offer virtual personal coaching and training:

  • Lesson Planning

  • Standards-Based Instruction

  • Student Engagement Strategies

  • Instructional and Curriculum Audits

  • Subject Matter Coaching (Math, Literacy, Sciences, etc.)

  • Plan lessons to address unfinished instruction



We help educators grasp the fundamentals of presentation platforms and e-learning tools. We cover subjects such as:

  • Creating interactive lessons using various platforms such as PowerPoint, Nearpod, and Padlet

  • Using and conducting class with video conferencing platforms like Zoom and GoogleMeet


School Improvement

Our proprietary BLUEPRINT ASSESSMENT measures nine vital indicators of school success. It is a proactive tool to address potential student performance issues before they get too serious. We use data to identify weaknesses, pitfalls, and strengths to create a customized school improvement plan.

  • Measurement of nine key indicators on school success

  • Detailed dashboard to drill down on specific data points

  • Benchmarking against the industry best practices shows strengths and weaknesses

  • Comprehensive plan of action is created and how we will help execute and implement recommendations


Professional Learning Communities

We provide guided support for creating and maintaining relevant PLCs that focus on best practices and standards-based instruction.

  • Collect and analyze student artifacts based on standards

  • Plan lessons that promote academic discourse

  • Plan lessons to address unfinished instruction

If you have other needs, Yellow Hat Consulting offers a wide range of additional services and programs.

Want to learn more about how Yellow Hat Consulting can help your school?
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