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One Key to Being More Creative

We all have creativity within us, and you don’t have to be a musician, artist, or writer. Creativity makes us better at our jobs can enrich our personal lives. Most importantly, creativity is a key to being successful.

The myth of creativity that only certain people have that ability, but the truth is those people have figured out a way to tap into it. What many don’t see is the behind-the-scenes slog to get to a creative point or idea. Many successful people will tell you they do the 90% of grind to get to the 10% of the thrill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer or a businessperson. This ratio holds up. If you’re a trainer or educator, you spend 90% of your time preparing, researching, and practicing so that you can spend 10% “on stage” and perform at your best.

Being mindful

Being mindful is the underlying principle to become more creative. The wonderful thing about that is, everyone can be mindful. Being mindful is about focusing on what you’re doing at that moment and ignoring distractions and other outside influences. Multi-tasking is the killer of mindfulness because you end up not doing anything particularly well.

Finding something new in what is familiar is about being mindful, so we think people we believe who are very creative can discover a new way of doing something ordinary. Often the reaction is, “That solution so much better and simpler; why didn’t I think about that?” Or if you’re trying to find out something new about a person you already know, go into the conversation thinking as if you don’t know anything at all. This technique puts away preconceptions and opens your mind to think of new things to ask and discover.

Many of us would agree, being creative is more fun in the end, and getting there, we need to practice discipline on mindfulness and be aware during the 90% grunge part. The 10% brilliance comes from this principle.

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