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Ways to Combat Burnout

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Working from home has great benefits, but it also carries some disadvantages along with it. The lines between work and family are very blurry, and burnout and stress are a byproduct of this new reality.

A study reveals over 51% of workers are experiencing burnout related to working at home. Over 52% say they don’t take the time to decompress.

What are the signs

The first thing is to identify early signs of burnout which includes:

• Lack of energy or exhaustion over a few days regardless of how much sleep you get

• Increased mental distance from your job or developing negative/ cynicism toward what you do

• Reduced professional efficacy

What To Do

1. Make a space just for you. This space is where no work is being done, kind of like a break room. The area can be another room or even a different chair.

2. Set boundaries and limits. Many feel they have to be constantly “on” or risk a promotion or even losing their job. Talk with your employer and invite them to be part of the solution because they know if their employees feel burnt out, they won’t get the best from them.

3. Set a schedule when juggling work and life. Setting a consistent schedule helps everyone, your job, your family, and most of all you. A schedule allows you to set expectations and mentally separate work from home.

4. Reclaim your commute. At the end of the workday, have a set plan to go for a walk or enjoy your favorite activity. This strategy replaces the commute you once had to decompress and let go of the day’s work.

5. Take a day off. With weekends being faded into just another workday, consistently plan a day that is structured differently than the others. This approach will help restore the feeling of having a weekend or time off.

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